Sugarhouse opens 7/6/2020!

Finally! Our Sugarhouse preschool will officially be opening on Monday, July 6th! That’s next week, so read on to get all the details you need for Day One!

Drop-off and pick-up will be much different than at Liberty Park. A great advantage is that we now have exterior doors for every classroom, meaning parents can bring children right to their class on the first day. Teachers will perform the COVID-19 mandatory health assessment and check temperatures at the door before taking them inside and helping children wash their hands. Remember, as a part of our COVID-19 policies, we cannot allow parents to physically enter our buildings. Read our entire COVID-19 policies here.
Our classrooms are divided among two buildings. Honeybees, Rollie Pollies, Hoppers and Crickets will be in the south building. Our Fireflies, Caterpillars, and Dragonflies will be in the north building. Check out our map below to find your child’s classroom.

Our school driveway is a one-way lane. Please enter only from 1100 East, and exit onto Roosevelt only. You can turn left onto Roosevelt to return to 1100 East. When you pick up and drop off, feel free to park in an available parking stall or on the street around the school.

Are you a new family? Check out our FAQ’s for more info, as well as our About Us page!

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