How does St. John’s develop the curriculum?

Our curriculum is based on the Reggio Emilia approach. This early education approach takes into account the natural inquisitiveness of children and recognizes their individual learning patterns. Teachers often develop the curriculum from the curiosities of the class and find new ways to incorporate their interests through varying activities, such as learning through music, crafts, outdoor play, reading, and much more. Creative expression is a huge part of childhood learning. For schoolwide continuity, there are general themes to each month (i.e. Ocean, Thanksgiving, Insects, etc.)

How much time do children spend outside?

The short answer is: as much as possible! We believe outdoor play is just as important as indoor learning. We make it our goal to bring children outside to the playground and nearby parks every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Even our littlest, non-mobile babies are often taken on walks in strollers and enjoy some sun time. When it’s too hot, cold, wet, or if the air quality is not safe, we utilize our gross motor rooms and indoor exercises so children can still get the wiggles out.

What is the training and/or education for St. John’s teachers?

All of our staff is required to complete twenty hours of childhood development training each year. Trainings include both in-person and virtual classes and conferences where teachers can hone their skills and network with other childcare professionals across the Wasatch front. St. John’s holds monthly staff meetings where we review skills and team build. Additionally, we encourage and help finance teachers who go above and beyond to earn their CDA (Child Development Associate) or other relevant credentials. Furthermore, we require that all staff is CPR and First Aid certified and hold a valid food handler’s certificate. We are proud of our diverse staff who come from different countries and have many different backgrounds and bring their expertise, languages, and experiences to St. John’s, and we’ve been fortunate to have several staff members who have been with us for more than a decade.

What are class sizes like? How many teachers are there for each student?

Depends on the class! Our infants who need the most one-on-one attention and care have the lowest child-to-caregiver ratio, and the ratio gradually increases as the child grows up and becomes more independent. We never exceed ratios for teachers to students set forth by state licensing. The permitted ratios are outlined below. “Group size” refers to the maximum size allowed (for example, for infants, the maximum class size would be 8 children and 2 caregivers).

How is security maintained at St. John’s?

We maintain a safe and secure school in a variety of ways. We only allow parents and pre-approved relatives or caregivers to pick up children from St. John’s. We ask that parents let us know of these pre-approved individuals prior to pick-up. We ask for photo ID from these individuals as well.

We also keep all exterior doors locked during the day to ensure that a staff member can greet and vet any individual who enters our schools. For example, our Liberty Park location issues key fobs to family members to enter, but anyone else must wait for a staff member at the door. We also use biometric finger-print scanning for parents when they pick up and drop off.

As per state licensing guidelines, we keep an updated list of any known sexual offenders in our area, in the unlikely event that one attempts to enter our schools. Any gates or fences around our playgrounds or outdoor areas are locked whenever children are there.

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