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I want my child to attend St. John’s CCDC. What steps do I take?

Due to the high demand for quality child care in the Salt Lake Valley, we maintain a waitlist with the following priorities:

  1. Staff
  2. Siblings of current students
  3. Church members
  4. First-come, first-serve (based on the date a family applies online)

Follow these instructions to ensure you are on the waitlist:

  1. Decide which location you are interested in attending. Tuition rates vary by location. For inquiries regarding tuition, email our registrar, Madison Worsham at madison@stjohnsccdc.org.
  2. Access our school waitlist and registration portal. If you are interested in more than one location, simply click the link for the school you’re most interested in, and let us know you’re open to other locations as well! To get on our waitlist, there is a $50 fee.
  3. Within 48 hours our registrar will be in contact with you to notify you of availability and/or send enrollment information. Availability varies based on your child’s age, location, and more.
  4. Personalized in-person tour

How do I know my child has been accepted to St John’s CCDC?

As soon as a spot becomes available for your child, you will receive an acceptance letter from our registrar. The letter will contain a date you must respond by to accept the spot, as well as your child’s start date in the program.

My child was accepted! What’s next?

You will need to first submit all documents and fees by the date listed in the letter:

  • Signed and completed Enrollment Forms, sent to you via email by our registrar or school director,
  • a copy of your child’s Immunization Records, which can be faxed to us,
  • a Child Transition Form, and
  • a non-refundable registration and resource fee of $300

It is imperative that all documents and fees are returned by the date listed in the letter. Failure to do so will result in your child’s spot being offered to another family.

What does my child need for their first day of school?

That depends! Each classroom has specific requests, so check out our classrooms page for more detailed information.

Due to COVID-19 health restrictions set forth by state child care licensing, we cannot allow parents or anyone besides children and staff to enter our schools.

To make your child feel warm and welcomes at school, we ask families to prepare a Family Poster for their child’s first day of school. The poster will be hung up in the classroom at the children’s eye level. These posters encourage communication and aid in comforting your child when they miss their families. Children will tell us about their families, count the number of people in their family, learn to understand that each family is special and unique and a part of God’s family, and we will talk about the different animals we have as pets.

Make a family poster on poster board. Decorate with crayons, paints, markers, and of course, family photos. Get creative, and have fun! Bring them in pre-laminated, or our office will be happy to laminate it for you.

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