Sick Policy

Our sick policy has changed during the pandemic; read our COVID-19 policies here.

Nobody likes being ill, but unfortunately our little ones get sick from time to time. In order to stop the spread of sickness and to keep our school body safe and healthy, we have a sick policy in place.

Keep your child at home if they:

  • have a fever of or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or have had a fever that high within the previous 24 hour period,
  • are advised by a doctor to remain indoors,
  • has a cold that is less than four days old,
  • has a heavy nasal discharge,
  • has a constant cough,
  • is unusually fussy, cranky, drowsy, tired or generally out of sorts, and/or,
  • have symptoms of a communicable disease, such as reddened or itchy eyes, a sore throat, headache, spots or a rash, abdominal pain, etc.

Your child may attend school if:

  • they are over a cold, but a minor nasal drip remains,
  • they have been on antibiotics for over a 24 hr. period and their fever is gone,
  • they have been exposed to a communicable disease, but the school has been notified that the incubation period has lapsed and child isn’t showing signs or symptoms.
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