Emergency Locations

Disaster plan



Fire and/or disaster drills are practiced on a regular basis. An evacuation plan is posted in every classroom and the staff are trained for emergencies.

In the event that an evacuation occurs our emergency locations are:

Liberty Park: Tennis Courts at Liberty Park, 500 East 1030 South

Sugarhouse: LDS Church (across from Redeemer) 1970 Stratford Ave.

Murray: Murray Park, 296 E Murray Park Ave.

Sandy: LDS Church, 8959 S 400 E

If an emergency evacuation occurs all families will be contacted via our Kaymbu program and/or school cell phones when permission is granted by officials.

Please do not try to contact us in an effort to keep an open phone line with emergency officials.

A complete paper copy of the Emergency and Disaster is available upon request.

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