Registrar: Madison

Hi! My name is Madison.  I am the Registrar all 4 St. John’s Community Child Development Center locations.  I love being the registrar because I get the opportunity to get to have a relationship with the parents as well as children. I enjoy spending time outdoors and creating lasting memories with my husband and two beautiful daughters.

Murray Location Director: Megan Clawson

My name is Megan Clawson and I am the Director of St. John’s in Murray.  I am currently working on my last class to earn my BA in Human Development and Family Studies. 

I have been working in early childhood since 2001 and love being the Director of the Murray location. 

I love being able to be in every classroom and getting to see all of the children at our location grow and change throughout their time with us. 

I am happily married and have four adorable children.  As a family, we enjoy playing outside, going for walks, and having a family movie night

Sugarhouse Location Director: Melissa Williams

Hi! My name is Melissa Williams and I am excited to be the Director at the Sugarhouse location!

I was born and raised right here in Utah. I am the oldest of seven children. I am a caretaker by nature and a mother to three amazing children. I have been an Early Childhood Educator since 2009. I started as a toddler teacher and have had the opportunity to be the lead teacher in each of the classrooms we have at St. John’s including Camp Wild Life. I have a passion for learning and it gives me great joy to see that same spark ignite in the minds of the children I get to work with. I am a big believer in the philosophy that children learn best through play. I love the Reggio Emilia approach to education and I am eager to help others incorporate it into their classrooms. I have taken a wide variety of classes over the years to further my knowledge and stay informed in my field. At home I consider myself a big nerd at heart and enjoy books, comics, movies, and pop culture.

Sandy Location Director: Amber Madsen

Hello, my name is Amber Madsen, and I am the Sandy Director.

I have been in early childhood education since 2008 during that time I have worked as a lead teacher in the infant class, the 2’s class, and the 3’s class. 

I appreciate being able to focus my skills and talents from the classroom to being a director. I love watching children grow and explore the world around them. 

I have been married for 19 years and am the mother of four adorable boys.  As a family, we love to play games, be outdoors and watch movies together.  In my quiet moments, I love to craft.

Lead Director / Liberty Park Location Director: Amanda Sutliff

Hi, I’m Ms. Amanda the Liberty Park Director and Lead Director of our Programs.

I have been honored to be with St. John’s since 2013. Implementing our Reggio Emilia educational approach and love for the outdoors has created a work environment that I am proud to share with our youngest community members as they grow from our Pre-School students at St. John’s to our School Aged Campers in Camp Wild Life.

I am a proud mother of three courageous girls that love and are as proud to be a part of St. John’s and Camp Wild Life programs as I am. Continuing my education in Early Childhood, Education, Business and Leadership I am continuously looking to further my knowledge and exposure to the industry. 

Seeing our campers experience our mountains, streams, reservoirs and parks is a privilege and the best part of being with Camp Wild Life. Whether our campers are experienced hikers or paddle boarding for the first time – the joy and excitement each day in our daily adventures makes me ever proud and ever grateful to be here.

Executive Director / St. John’s CCDC and Camp Wild Life: Chaney Zinn

I am lucky to have been given this opportunity because it has allowed me to have a job that has true rewards attached to it.  To see the differences you can make in a young child’s life is truly a gift.

I started Camp Wild Life years ago when I saw a need for a quality childcare program for school-age students. I knew we needed to keep them busy and I couldn’t think of a better way to accomplish this than to expose them to everything Utah has to offer.

I have a passion for the environment and a love for the outdoors. It is my hope that we inspire a love for exploration, conservation, and wilderness in our young Utahns.

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