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St. John’s CCDC Family-Owned Businesses

Here at St. John’s, we promote community-based living; shopping local, helping neighbors, and promoting organizations and businesses that give back to the community. Here’s our list of businesses run by St. John’s CCDC families:


Vis. is a new optical shop and eye clinic at the corner 8th and 8th. We are the one-stop shop for your eyes. Our goal is to bring you the best quality, aesthetics, and care you can find. We specialize in glasses and sunglasses from independent designers where nothing is mass produced. We are passionate about preventative and evidence-based eye care. Our optometrist is available for routine eye exams, contact lens fittings, infections, diseases and emergencies. Learn more here.

Bonfire Legal

There’s something special about a bonfire.  As folks gather around it, conversations grow deeper.  People draw closer.  Ideas get bigger.  Dreams seem attainable. Bonfire Legal aims to provide that same energy to the practice of law by providing outstanding legal services to its community of culture creators.  Our mission is to empower athletes, filmmakers, educators, students, coffee shop owners, coffee roasters, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to dream big, seek fun fearlessly, and to make the world a better place for everybody.


Dharana Method Meditation 

As a single mom who has survived depression, anxiety, chronic back pain, divorce and job loss, I’m passionate about sharing tools for taking care of yourself – on a budget! Meditation saved my life, and made it possible for me to re-prioritize my physical and mental wellness, find my life purpose, and really be present for my family. I want to offer you a meditation practice that – after a discounted investment (10% off when you give me the code STJOHNS) – will be a FREE tool for you for the rest of your life! Online training happens over 4 weeks, with one virtual session per week. I want to see you living your best life, in 21 days or less! Love, Amandha B. Jones – certified meditation and yoga instructor (personally trained by Dr. Deepak Chopra)



JT Decking

JT Decking is a local Salt Lake City based company that prides itself in custom outdoor woodworking and craftsmanship. JT decking believes a deck is more than just a place to store a BBQ grill or old lawn furniture. JT Decking strives to provide a luxurious outdoor environment; a place where you can entertain friends, spend quality time, relax or just be comfortable in your own outdoor space. We build more than just decks; we believe your deck should be an extension of your home. Your outdoor space should be your own sanctuary. We believe a tasteful deck is a lifestyle!

For estimates, contact John Rees at (385) 202-1202


Visitor Watch Co.

Visitor Watch Co. is an independent mechanical watch brand focused on providing offbeat timekeepers of outstanding quality. We pride ourselves on original design (down to the buckle tang) and sketch-to-steel development with minimal compromise. Our 39mm Linden is currently available in four dial colors and pre-orders have begun for our new 44mm diver, the Duneshore Shallows.

Learn more: Instagram Facebook YouTube

Urban Blues Boutique

Urban Blues is the go-to source for fashion fans, fun lovers and free spirits. We’re committed to offering unique styles from hundreds of designers in a range of sizes.  Every item has been thoughtfully selected by our design team. Our passion is finding one of a kind treasures for your wardrobe and daily life.
Inspired by our dedicated community, we work to deliver the best possible shopping experience, helping customers possess style – not just buy fashion.

Instagram: @urban_blues

Facebook: @shopurbanblues


Local media, big results: We bring almost a decade of experience in the media world to local businesses. Our goal is to work in tandem with you to increase ROI using paid social, SEM, and email tactics that scale your business to reach the next level no matter the KPI. Book a free consultation today!

Distillery 36

Distillery 36 is owned and operated by long time friends Jensen Dobbs and Creed Law. Along with producing 100% cane rum from scratch, the crew at Distillery 36 has a knack for mechanics and engineering and  proudly constructed their own stills. They proudly offer tours of their facility and love showing people their work. So feel free to reach out and schedule a tour! “D36” is Operated and Located in Salt Lake City, Utah off of Redwood Road Distillery 36 continues to raise the bar for “Connoisseur” quality Rum with their dedication to perfection, hard work and handcrafted recipes.

Instagram: @distillery36

Toasted Barrel Brewery

Toasted Barrel Brewery has been created out of the desire and love of great beer and the difficulty to find big bold beers locally. At Toasted Barrel Brewery we push the limits in beer production. We produce exotic and standard styles all with an emphasis on hand craftsmanship. We have seasonal releases of vintage aged sours and high alcohol barrel aged beers. We are located at 412 west 600 North. Our Tasting room and Bottle shop is open Tuesday-Saturday, 2-8pm.

Instagram: @toastedbarrelbrewery

Facebook: Toasted Barrel Brewery

Nate Christenson Photography

Snowboarding was Nate Christenson’s entry into the world of professional photography, and it’s from that culture of risk taking and deep camaraderie that he developed his empathetic style of visual storytelling. The legacy of his snowboarding days is still evident in his vibrant images, in the instincts honed at speed on icy slopes and the immersion into a culture that prides itself on pushing limits while maintaining a laid back approach to life. Action shots and emotionally truthful portraits are rare companions but in the photography of Nate Christenson they expose both sides of his talent. Working across editorial, advertising and live action for the last twenty years, he approaches subjects and complicated assignments with the same sharp eye and open mind. Behind every one of Nate’s images there is a story to tell, whether of struggle or achievement, joy or pain, arrogance or humility. From every project, he leaves with those stories captured in a single frame. Learn more here.

Instagram: @nate_christenson

Rocksteady Bodyworks

Rocksteady Bodyworks is a holistic wellness practice providing movement and manual therapy.  We blend ancient modalities and wisdom with cutting edge science and techniques, are family owned and operated, and focus on high quality, personalized experiences in a beautiful setting. We offer yoga, pilates, deep tissue massage, sound therapy, structural integration, and sports massage.  We are happy to offer our New Client Massage Special, a $55 60 minute treatment to the St. John’s community.

Instagram: @rocksteadybw

Trisha Reynolds, Color Street

Color Street specializes in 100% real nail polish strips. It’s not a sticker — it’s a strip of real paint that is 95% dry which allows you to apply your nail polish with no dry time, no smudges, and no streaks. Our strips last up to 14 days and come off easily with any nail polish remover. Your nails will look like you just walked out of the salon for a fraction of the time, cost, and risk! Reach out at


9th and 9th Book and Music Gallery

9th and 9th Book and Music Gallery is a community-focused retail fronted shop dealing in used, rare, and consigned books, musical instruments, records, and local art.  We offer free community arts classes and performances (once it is safe to do so) and fully source all products from our customers, clients, family, friends, lovers, etc.  We buy and or consign books, records, musical instruments.  We have a fully chartered Little Free Library out front that we stock from our store.  We are a safe space and focus on becoming a dependable community gathering space to provide arts education, access and opportunity for our city.

Instagram: @9thand9thbookandmusic

Helpful Links

As a parent you can’t get enough resources to aid you in day to day life with children. Here are some helpful links.  Need a resource you don’t see here? Please let our office staff know and we are happy to do some research and update our links.

Healthy eating

Nutrition for Kids: Helping Children Get Off to a Good Start

Creating Culinary Masterpieces with Your Young Chef 

Staying Fit

Motivating Kids to be Active 

Staying Healthy

5 Serious Symptoms you Should Ignore in Kids

Staying Organized

The Parents’ Guide to Decluttering 

Mental Health

Mental Illness in Children 

Minding the Kids in Divorce: Minimizing the Mental Health Impact 

How to create an Autism-Friendly Environment for Kids

Coping with a Child’s Illness: Learn coping methods while going through a difficult time


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  1. My pcit tharapist Emily was looking Daycare op fur me n it said that there was 8 spases available. Ill regester but i need to have a Daycare pick out before next mounth it’z required by dcfs and da court to get custody of my daughter aanaztarc.ia

    • Hi Harley,
      Thank you for your interest in St. John’s CCDC. Please go under the “Online Registration and Resources” tab, click on “Online Registration and Resources” to register your child. Once you have registered we will contact you for a tour. You must first have a tour to be officially placed on our wait-list.
      Again thank you for your interest.
      We hope to talk to you soon.

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