Adding days, snow days, and holidays

Adding days: All schedule changes must be made through your child’s director the classroom teacher, and in advance. Adding additional days are on a first-come first-serve basis. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request. However, we are limited to licensing regulations of adult/child ratios. An add-a-day fee is charged each day your child attends that differs from their regular schedule.  There are no refunds on canceled additional day requests.

St. John’s CCDC is unable to provide drop-in-care for students who are not currently enrolled.

Holidays: St. John’s CCDC’s monthly rate is an annual rate divided into 12 monthly payments. You are not charged for any holidays on which the center is closed, therefore, switching days will not be permitted due to limited space.

snow day

Snow Days: St. John’s CCDC seldom closes due to snow. Our snow day closure policy corresponds with other private schools in the Salt Lake City area and/or the Salt Lake School District. If Salt Lake School District closes, you can assume St. John’s is closed as well. Snow closure information will be available on our Facebook page, website, and here.