Accidents Happen: Introducing Operation Oopsie Daisy!

We’ve all been there: the day that your child had a big accident at school is, of course, the day you forgot to bring in a fresh set of clothes. Or, potty training just hasn’t been easy and your child has managed to go through five outfits in a day. Don’t sweat it, accidents happen! We’re rolling out Operation Oopsie Daisy.

You asked and we answered. For $10, our Operation Oopsie Daisy kits include a fresh pair of pants, underwear, and several wipes for your child. Instead of having to borrow someone else’s pants, your child can wear something that’s theirs until they can get back into something that is theirs. Buy a kit today, before that “shoot, I forgot fresh clothes and wipes for Timmy!” day comes. See your school’s director for details.

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