Art Gala 2014!!!

Art Gala 2014

Grand Total


Thank you! Yipee! Great Job! Couldn’t do it without you!!!

What are we going to do with it this year?!!!

Exciting things are in store!!!

  • Updated Infant and toddler playground: We will be purchasing a tot tree for the infant and toddler playground as well as all new wood-chips for a cushioning fall zone. tot tree
  • Expanded Play Area: We are putting in a new fence to include the grassy area on the North side of the Church between the Church and Parsonage. This will be a new large area for running and playing! 
  • Updated Gross Motor Skills Area: We just ordered a new gate and cozy area for the downstairs gross motor skills area from Community Playthings .CPSt John’s Community CDC Divider 2
  • Increased Classroom budget: Half of the Art Gala funds go to classroom budgets for the teachers to purchase necessary things for their class throughout the year. This year each budget will be increased by $200! This will go a long way for our art supplies, replacing old toys, and bringing in special events.


Again we want to shout out a huge THANK YOU!!!


for making this years Art Gala a huge success!!!


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