Never fear Hot Lunch is here!!!

St. John’s has partnered with Head Starts award winning food program in order to bring the children a hot lunch option. Head Start catering operates out of a state of the art, licensed commercial grade kitchen. The meals catered through their kitchen meet and exceed Child Adult Care Food Program requirements. The meals are prepared fresh from scratch every morning in their kitchen. They use fresh fruits and vegetables and organic or local products when available. They place a strong emphasis on nutrient-dense foods and beverages, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat milk products, seafood, lean meats, and poultry in their daily menus. The Menu options include culturally and ethnically diverse ingredients that help broaden a child’s food experience. In addition all recipes are approved by a Registered Dietician. The also manage any and all food allergies.

The Meals would be delivered on-site and served family style to the children. They provide portion cups to ensure the children get their proper portions and all the plates and silverware.

“The Head Start nutrition program focuses on the importance of providing children birth to five with nourishing meals that promote healthy eating patterns. Our goal is to maximize the nutritional content of meals while staying within sound dietary guidelines”.

For more information please see the office.

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