Volunteer Hours


  • Each family is obligated to complete 20 volunteer hours from September through July of each year.
  • Hours will be prorated at 2 hours per month for mid-year enrollment
  • Volunteer hours are a mandatory school policy required for admission
  • It is parent responsibility to fill out and return the blue Volunteer Hours Completed forms (blue slips) that are located in the school office or volunteer boards
  • Parent’s also have the option to submit hours online from our website on the Parent volunteer hour link (resources page).
  • Hours completed and turned in by the 25th of each month will be reflected on your monthly tuition statements.
  • Teachers can always direct a parent as to how to fulfill service hours.

There will be a variety of opportunities that will be offered to you:

√        Art Gala√        Office work
√        Fundraisers and events√        Holiday parties
√        Classroom activities√        Cooking for staff meetings
√        Share your hobbies, career, talents, etc.√         Purchasing new toys
√        Arrange for special field trips or visitors√        Washing and sanitizing toys or laundry
√        General cleaning building and grounds maintenance and repair√        Teacher appreciation

There are a few instances where you will not get volunteer hours, including:

  • Food brought to potlucks and other gatherings (with the exception of staff meetings)
  • Donation of used toys
  • Art Gala donations

Failure to submit volunteer forms or submitting incomplete forms

The fee for incomplete hours is $12.00 per hour. Your bank account will not be charged for the amount of incomplete hours until the end of the school year or upon your child’s withdrawal. The CCDC prefers completing volunteer hours to charging, so please see any of our staff members for opportunities.

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