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St. John’s Lutheran Church Pastor: DrMaloneEgypt 651

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Bus Driver/Camp Wild Life and Preschools: Mr. RonRon

I was born on March 12, 1952 in Vancouver, Washington. My parents are Clarence and Barbara Harris. I am youngest of 4 children. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. We lived in Camas, Washington from 1952 until 1957. In 1957, we moved to Yakima, Washington. I went to McKinley elementary. We moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in 1964, lived in the avenues. I went to Bryant Jr. High and East High.  I started to work at Harris Auto Repair 1964 to 1969. I attended Ford Motor Training Center 1969 to 1970. Worked at Hinckley Dodge.  In April 1971, I started at Kennecott at the Refinery in Magna. Then in 1972 I transferred to the Mine. I drove the Ore Haulage Trucks for 28 years. Retired in June 2002, 31 years.  I met my wife, Dorothy Combe, in November of 1981. We later married in September of 1982. We were later sealed in the LDS temple in October of 2013. We have a daughter Janae, and a son Steven. I also have daughter Heather, and two sons, Shawn and Adam, from previous marriages. I’m blessed to have 13 grandchildren.  I started driving buses in 2009 and been driving ever since.

Janitorial: Mr. Martin

Mr. Martin has been with St. John’s since 2005. He is the hardest worker and we love and appreciate him.

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