3 years


  • Count from 1-10science
  • Recognize numbers 1-5
  • Sing ABC’s
  • Know basic colors
  • Recognize letters in first name
  • Sing along to basic songs
  • Recognize basic body parts
  • Know Gender
  • Correct Pencil and Scissor hold
  • Able to sit and listen to a story
  • Participate in Group Activities

The Children will start each preschool session with “Circle Time” .This consists of prayer, calendar, weather, and The Pledge of Allegiance.

Following Circle Time the children will have the following learning activities:

  • Academic Readiness (Literacy and Mathematics)
  • Small Groups with Centers
  • Jesus Time


What to bring with your child “Check list”:

  • 1 crib sheets and 1 blanket (labeled)blanket
  • Sunblock
  • 1 water bottle
  • Lunch box (labeled)(small ¼”pieces)(please place in basement refrigerator )
  • 2 boxes of tissues twice a year (Sept. & Jan.)
  • 1 changes of clothing
  • Special toy or blanket for comfort
  • Family poster


The Caterpillars still nap! If your child isn’t a big napper we will still need to rest during this time.  In this class the kids get their own mats ready to encourage self-help skills.


In the preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten classes the teachers use PBS (Positive Behavior Support). PBS focuses on intervention and coping skills which teaches children how to respond to a potential situation before it happens. The Turtle Technique, which uses PBS guidelines to teach coping skills, self-regulation and acceptable options, is also used. We encourage the children to use self-discipline. They are offered choices and opportunities to make decisions, knowing what the logical consequences will be. Rest periods will be used when a child is emotionally of physically out of control and needs time to calm down.

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