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Parent involvement plays a very important role in the success of your child’s education and development. Children learn best from example. By volunteering you are demonstrating your dedication to your school and community. Being active in your child’s classroom is a wonderful way to serve and network with other parents thus building a strong community.

  • Each family is obligated to complete 20 volunteer hours from September through July of each year.
  • Hours will be prorated at 2 hours per month for mid-year enrollment
  • Volunteer hours are a mandatory school policy required for admission
  • It is parent responsibility to fill out and return the blue Volunteer Hours Completed forms (blue slips) that are located in the school office or volunteer boards
  • Parent’s also have the option to submit hours online from our website on the Parent volunteer hour link (resources page).
  • Hours completed and turned in by the 25th of each month will be reflected on your monthly tuition statements.
  • Teachers can always direct a parent as to how to fulfill service hours.

There will be a variety of opportunities that will be offered to you:

√        Art Gala √        Office work
√        Fundraisers and events √        Holiday parties
√        Classroom activities √        Cooking for staff meetings
√        Share your hobbies, career, talents, etc. √         Purchasing new toys
√        Arrange for special field trips or visitors √        Washing and sanitizing toys or laundry
√        General cleaning building and grounds maintenance and repair √        Teacher appreciation

There are a few instances where you will not get volunteer hours, including:

  • Food brought to potlucks and other gatherings (with the exception of staff meetings)
  • Donation of used toys
  • Art Gala donations

Failure to submit volunteer forms or submitting incomplete forms

The fee for incomplete hours is $12.00 per hour. Your bank account will not be charged for the amount of incomplete hours until the end of the school year or upon your child’s withdrawal. The CCDC prefers completing volunteer hours to charging, so please see any of our staff members for opportunities.



St. John’s CCDC is a nonprofit child development center.  This means we strongly rely on fundraisers to improve our school.  A couple of these fundraisers include:

Art Gala

The Art Gala Benefit started in 1999 and is St. John’s CCDC’s main fundraiser event of the year.  This upscale event includes appetizers, drinks and live music.  The children’s art work is collected throughout the year and framed with a portrait and biography of each child.  The Art Gala involves silent and live auctions in addition to several “take a chance” drawings.  The most popular drawing is “Spirits for a Year” which is a large basket full of wine enough to last the whole year.


Tickets will be sold for this event and is for the parents, extended families, and community members.  The money raised has gone to things such as:

  • Child sized toilets
  • New cubbies, cabinets, tables, and chairs
  • Art supplies
  • Fieldtrips
  • Center expansion (infant rooms)
  • Playground structure and expansion
  • New carpet, books, and toys

In order for the Art Gala to succeed, be fun, and profitable, parent volunteers are strongly relied upon.  Volunteering for the Art Gala is exciting way to satisfy your volunteer hours while getting to know your teachers, other parents, and improving your child’s experience at St. John’s.  The Art Gala creates many opportunities for friends and family to become involved.  Please consider volunteering your time and talents!


Parent’s Night Out

Our teachers will volunteer their time on select Friday nights throughout the year to give parents a few hours of “play time” without their child (normally from 6:30-10:00pm). It’s the perfect date night! The proceeds go directly to your child’s classroom to aid the teachers in purchasing wanted items and art material for their classroom. Keep an eye on the bulletin board for more info.

Extracurricular Activities IMG_5502

Stretch & Grow®


Stretch & Grow® is a wonderful exercise program held here at St. John’s that is offered to children over the age of two. In addition to making exercise fun, this weekly class teaches children the importance of healthy eating habits. Each week, the coach will send home a coloring page with a description of the learning that took place. There is an additional monthly fee for this program.


Dance lessons are held once a week for our preschoolers (ages two and up). Families must be caught up on tuition to participate. There is an additional monthly fee for lessons contracted through a local dance company. In this dance class our students get exposure to Modern Dance, Hip Hope Dance, and some Ballet.

CampWildLife-01Environmental Summer Camp

St. John’s CCDC offers a summer camp for children ages five through twelve. We keep them busy with Park Mondays, Hike Tuesdays,  Field Trip Wednesdays, Lesson Thursdays, and Fun Day Fridays.  To help cover the costs of lessons, additional fees will be assessed upon enrollment into this program.

Additional days, snow days, and holidayssnow day

All schedule changes must be made through the director and your child’s classroom teacher, in advance, on a first-come first-serve basis. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request. However, we are limited to licensing regulations of adult/child ratios. An additional day fee is charged each day your child attends that differs from their regular schedule, and when an extra day is requested.  There are no refunds on canceled additional day requests. In addition, St. John’s CCDC is unable to provide drop-in-care for students who are not currently enrolled.

You are not charged for any holidays on which the center is closed, therefore, switching days will not be permitted due to limited space. For the school-age summer program, priority for registration will be given to those already enrolled in the program. Those who choose to pay monthly pay for only 51 weeks out of the year.

St. John’s CCDC seldom closes due to snow. Our snow day closure policy corresponds with other private schools in the Salt Lake City area and/or the Salt Lake School District.  Snow closure information will be available on our Facebook page, website, the local radio, and television stations.

Emergency and disaster planplan


Fire and/or disaster drills are practiced on a regular basis. An evacuation plan is posted in every classroom, and the staff is trained for emergencies.

In the case of an evacuation, our safe shelters are located:

Liberty Park: Tennis Courts at Liberty Park, 500 East 1030 South

Sugarhouse: LDS Church (across from Redeemer) 1970 Stratford Ave. 

Murray: Murray Park, 296 E Murray Park Ave. 

Sandy: LDS Church, 8959 S 400 E

If an emergency evacuation occurs all families will be contacted via our Kaymbu program and/or school cell phones when permission is granted by officials.

A complete paper copy of the Emergency and Disaster is available upon request.

Current Parent Handbook

Can’t find your copy of the current Parent Handbook? Bada bing bada boom!

Parent Handbook 2017

Individual Health Plan (IHP)

Our students health is of utmost importance. If your child has a specific health need or concern we want to know the best way we can help.

Individual Health Plan

State Licensing

Our State Licencing website is a great resource to answer questions on why we do or require certain things. Take a minute to check it out.

State Licensing


St. John’s CCDC 2017/2018 Calendar

Be in the know… check out next school year’s calendar already.


St. John’s CCDC 2018/2019 Calendar

Calendar 2018-2019

Helpful Links

Healthy eating

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Staying Fit

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Staying Healthy

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Staying Organized

The Parents’ Guide to Decluttering 

Mental Health

Mental Illness in Children 

Minding the Kids in Divorce: Minimizing the Mental Health Impact 

How to create an Autism-Friendly Environment for Kids

Coping with a Child’s Illness: Learn coping methods while going through a difficult time



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